Clare (mpcatt22) wrote in total_starz,

Am I a total_star? Hahaha yay

Name: Clare
Age: 17
Location: Seattle
Describe yourself in 3 words: Hyperactive, irritating, idiotic
Random fact about you: I like carrots

Band/Singer: I have NO idea, too many
Song: Yeayur, see above
Movie: Erm... again, too many
Color: Blue, and watermelon colors!
Food: Pasta
Store: Urban Outfitters
Quote: "I have not failed. I have successfully discovered twelve hundred ideas that don't work." - Thomas Edison


Where did you hear of this community? Carrrrrie
Why are you joining? Because I don't want to do my homework
Advertise this community in at least three others journals (write journal names here): I'll do that later...

*At least 3 required*

I can't make any pictures on Snapfish show up anymore, so I'm taking some from Becca. :)

I don't know why there's a big white blotch on my face in the first picture... that's not normal. Hahaha. :)

Haha wow...

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